So add it up, break it down

It's not that hard to figure out

Feden Love
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Because you knew it was coming.

And you wanted it.

Don't deny.

You know you want to be our Mexican lover.


-we don't actually know feden or chenzel.
-very, very unfortunately.

-be nice; co-exist in harmony, okay?
-no trolling, no flaming.
-if leaving constructive criticism, be sure not to be an asshole.
-we will not hesitate to ban you if you're being an asshole.
-pimping other communities IS ALLOWED, because we're not nazis.

-your posts will initially be moderated, unless we know who you are.
-please put all fics, graphics posts, etc... behind an lj-cut.
-for more about lj-cuts, go here
-if posting a fic that contains a pairing other than Feden, please be sure to state that above your lj-cut.
-please format your subject line in the following way:
- Title by Author Name, Rating

chenzel_elite // thewitches3 // cue_oblivion

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