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idina shoes

imperfekt10ce in feden_love

Two Bits PG, by imperfekt10ce

Title: Two Bits
Rating: PG, PG-13 (for the swearing maybe)
Pairing: Feden
Summary: Eden's tired of being poked.
Disclaimer: I own no one. Damnit...
A/N: Got the title from that little rhyme, shave and a hair cut...two bits! I'm a dork, I know. Just a bit of fun my MichelleMuse threw at me in the shower (of all places)...this is the first fic I've ever completed in one sitting. I'm uber excited about that. :D x-posted to thewitches3

"Damnit, Michelle!"

Eden threw off the duvet and stormed off the bed. Michelle sat up, her hair falling in her face, and watched her girlfriend stomp into the adjoining bathroom. They'd just turned off the light to go to bed thirty minutes ago and Michelle had been two deep breaths away from sweet slumber.

A moment later Eden appeared in the doorframe gloriously nude. "Get your ass in here, Federer." Her countenance was firm and Michelle couldn't help but watch her equally firm behind retreat back into the bathroom. Her eyes went wide and she was having a hard time breathing. Vaguely she could make out running water and looked down at the bed wondering what the hell she was still doing clothed. Jumping up she stripped on her way to the bathroom, littering the path in between. 

Eden had prepared a bath and was already soaking by the time Michelle made her way into the tiled room. "Get in." She commanded and Michelle blinked once before she complied enthusiastically. As the water sloshed back and forth with evidence of Michelle's exhuberence, Eden grabbed hold of an ankle and pulled the older woman forward until the heel of her foot was resting against her hip. 

Michelle hid her shock and lifted an eyebrow. "Feeling frisky there, Mexicana?"

Eden didn't respond but instead lifted her other bubble soaked hand to reveal a pink razor. The other woman crossed her arms over her chest. "Well that killed the mood..."

Rolling her eyes, Eden sighed. "Honestly Michelle I don't know why it's so hard for you to shave your legs every once in a while."

The other woman shrugged, still pouting.

Eden continued. "I mean a little stubble I can deal with but do you know how hard it is to have sex with the cacti you've been growing?"

Michelle stuck her tongue out. "What? It didn't remind you of the motherland? I thought I was giving you the native experience, you know, how they did it in the pueblos..." She was interrupted as a loofah hit her square in the forehead.

"First of all, Federer, pueblos are what Indians lived in, secondly 'Gorillas in the Mist' is not the native experience I'm looking for, and thirdly...I'm from Anaheim damnit!"

The older woman made a face and knocked the shaving cream into the tub, watching it float around before pushing it toward Eden.

Satisfied with the other woman's non-repsonse, Eden squirted some shaving gel into her hands and rubbed them together to create a thick lather. She lifted the other woman's leg so that the heel now rested on her shoulder and she spread the foamy cream onto a calf. When she'd reached the knee she stopped and grabbed the razor, dragging it slowly upward. When she'd created one shaven strip through the pink colored foam she looked up toward Michelle, eyebrows raised in question.

Michelle shrugged, the warm water and oddly relaxing way Eden pulled the razor over her skin made her complacent and she lay back to enjoy it, silently giving Eden permission to continue. 

The younger woman refocused her attention to Michelle's leg and repeated the process. The only noise in the room was the soft rasp of the razor as it did its job. When she'd finished, Eden lifted the other woman's leg off her shoulder and kissed the bottom of her foot before rinsing it in the water. Grabbing the razor once again, she moved to Michelle's thigh. Focusing on the task at hand, Eden didn't hear Michelle's sigh of pleasure or see her eyes darken. 

About three-fourths of the way up her thigh, Michelle reached down and grabbed Eden's wrist. Confused, the younger woman looked up with furrowed brow. Michelle took the razor from her and placed it on the side of the tub. Eden recognized the look of lust on her girlfriend's face and smirked.

"See this is why you should shave more often..."

Michelle didn't respond. Instead she pulled Eden to her and kissed her thoroughly. No words were spoken and the razor sat abandoned long after the water got cold.



"What's up, Tevye?"

Michelle turned toward Idina, one hand on her hip. The other woman rolled her eyes but continued, "Did you fall asleep halfway through the shower or something?"

Cocking an eyebrow, Michelle answered dismissively, "Been at the sacramental wine again, Menzel?"

"No, but you have," Idina pointed down. "Why else would you shave only one leg?"

Eden rounded the corner at that moment. She stopped dead in the entry way having heard Idina's last comment. Her eyes went wide as every nerve screamed that they'd been outed.

Michelle could see Eden out of the corner of her eye and answered, completely unfazed, "I hear it's all the rage in Mexico."

She discreetly winked at Eden who blushed and walked toward the other end of the room. 

"Whatever you say Fed. Stay away from the vodka." Idina replied.

"You first, Fiddler."


Hahahahaa! OMG! Hilarious!!!!

August 2007

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