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L&D // stars

dementedrainbow in feden_love


hey, guys. it's aya, one of your two very friendly (and very lazy) mods.

it's been a while since we've updated, so here i am. firstly, i'd like to welcome all new members and apologize for the horrible upkeep: kayla (breakthrough09) and i have been very very busy lately, with a new job and graduation and beginning college (respectively).

secondly, there are some orders of business which i would like to discuss.

  1. we are lazy mods. we are very sorry. we will try to fix that soon.
  2. if you'd like to help us co-mod this community, we would be very glad for your help. just give us a shout and we'll talk about it.
  3. we need more fic posts! please, please, please try to write something and post, whether it be a drabble or a very long fic. we'll take anything. seriously. we're not picky.
  4. if you have any pictures or avatars or graphics posts, please post those too.
  5. we need a new layout. if anyone wants to make us a super awesome layout (we prefer clean as opposed to busy and cluttered), then we'd also really appreciate that. we'll give you something in return, i guess? avatars or a fic request?
  6. go check out chenzel_elite, if you haven't already. seriously. it's the most awesome community ever. loL* i co-mod it, but i'm obviously not one of the good mods since we've already established that i'm a slacker.
questions, comments, concerns?
just let us know. :)



I'm good with graphics, but not sure how good I'd be at super-imposing. Um. If you gave me a picture/pictures to work with, I could possibly try making a header.

Also, I will make it my priority to write a Feden drabble. And more icons. Yes.

ALSO. If you wanted to. You could pimp cue_oblivion-- Michelle and Eden are both taken, so there are bound to be feden-y logs to read. And we could use all the applications we can get.
well, there are actually only two known pictures of eden and the fed together, and they're both really lousy because they're either standing very far apart and it's a huge cast picture, or you can't tell who they are. woe.

however, i did make a few posts in here once in which i posted some photo manipulations of them. you'll find them, i'm sure, if you look. you won't have to look hard since we don't really have a gogillion posts or anything. loL*

and of course we'll pimp your comm. :D i'll list it under our sister communities ASAP. you can pimp it yourself, actually, if you'd like.

um, i'm writing this thing. it's eden/ofc but the fed is in it. i have 3 chapters posted on the witches 3. any way i could post here too?
what's OFC? original fictional character?

we'd really just prefer straight-up feden or at least some implications. if you think it meets the criteria, you're welcome to post. :)

I have a short very asinine fic I wrote AGES ago. Never posted it anywhere but my writing journal. I will post it here cos you're begging - though I do realise it'll be up for public mockery, lmao.
aaaaaaaand ILOVEYOU. :DDD

thanks! loL*

Right, so I'm coming rather late to the party, but:

If you're still looking for someone to help out with co-modding, I volunteer myself. If you wouldn't rather go with somebody you know better, I'd be happy to help out.

I have a fair bit of modding experience (both on LJ and off), and have, for almost two years, been one of 4 co-mods at new_who, which has over 1,000 members, and averages around 10 posts a day. So, yeah, I have experience and I probably won't go mad from power and kill you all in your sleep or anything.

It looks like fl0rida has already volunteered to make graphics, which is awesome, but if needed, I can code a layout, for I am a CSS ninja. Just let me know what you want doing. :)

Um, yes.

August 2007

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