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average_goof in feden_love


Hi! :) I just found this wonderful community, and thought I'd say hello to everyone. I don't know a thing about anything computer-y, and I am impressed and dumbfounded by all the gorgeous icons and photo manips on here. So, yeah... I can't do anything amazing like that, but here's my attempt at writing a fanfic. :)

Title: Realizations
Author: Average_goof
Rating: PG
Pairing: Eden/Michelle
Summary: After hearing of Michelle's engagement, Eden looks back on their relationship, and the possibilities she missed out on.

Disclaimer: Obviously, I don't own these people... that'd be slavery, which would be bad. Nor are these events ANYTHING like what is actually happening to them... they're just the scary thoughts that come out of my deluded mind.

Engaged. The word flooded her consciousness as she stared at her computer screen, disbelieving. Michelle Federer was engaged… to Norbert Butz, of course. And she hadn’t even heard it from one of them, but had seen it in a bright blue headline on one of the ridiculous fan-sites she visited once in awhile, just to keep track of where her old friends were going with their careers. Eden sighed, suddenly weary with a burden she had just noticed upon her shoulders. Why should she have expected one of them to tell her, anyways? She hadn’t been close to Michelle since she’d found out that she was dating Norbert. The young star closed her eyes as that painful memory hit her.
“Yo, Espinosa!” Michelle’s head popped through Eden’s previously closed door, prompting her to shriek and grab the nearest item available to hold in front of her chest.

“Federer!! Are you EVER going to start knocking!?”

“Oh, but I get a much better show this way!” the woman responded with a teasing grin. Eden blushed, wondering whether Michelle was talking about her temper tantrum, or something else. So many of her friend’s comments could be taken as flirtatious, but Michelle’s face never gave a clue that she meant them in any way other than platonic. Not that Eden wanted her to, of course, but she couldn’t help wondering.

“Is there a reason you just busted my door down, Federer, or were you that desperate to see me half-naked?” She demanded.

“Who says it can’t be both, my sweet witch?” Michelle batted her eyelashes flirtatiously, the effect dimmed by her piratical grin. “We’re all gonna go hang out at Norbert’s apartment and pig out on pizza. You’re coming, right?”

“Um… I’m really tired tonight, Michelle. I think I just want to go home and veg out in front of the TV.” Eden admitted, yawning as she said it.

“No, Edennn… you have to come!” She laughed at the whiny tone to Michelle’s voice.

“Oh, come on Michelle… you spend hours with me everyday rehearsing – can’t you live without me for a night?” She waited for some sarcastic, Michelle-brand response, and was a little nervous at the hesitant silence she got in response.

“Um, look, Eden… relationships between cast-members aren’t really encouraged, right?” Eden thought her heart was going to come out of her chest, as a shot of adrenaline coursed through her.

“Well, yeah… I mean, it can cause problems sometimes, and stuff.” She managed to get out, in a strangled sort of voice that she hoped could be blamed on the effort of doing the show.

“Well… Norbert and I have started dating.” The adrenaline rush disappeared abruptly, to be replaced by a flat feeling that Eden couldn’t name off the top of her head. “And, we’re kinda planning to start making it a little more obvious tonight, and I’m not sure that some people won’t react badly, y’know?” Michelle was in earnest, seemingly oblivious to the strange constriction of Eden’s lungs, and the burning feeling behind her eyes. “And, it’s just… I know you’re my friend. Beyond the show. And I’d really like to have at least one person there who won’t be angry with me.”

Eden continued to stare, until it suddenly filtered into her shocked mind that she needed to respond. “Of course… I – I have no problem with you dating Norbert. You’re my friend.” She repeated Michelle’s words, doing her best to convince herself. “I’ll be there. Just give me fifteen more minutes. It takes awhile to get all that paint off, y’know?”

“Fair enough… I guess you have a reasonable excuse for why it takes you FOREVER to get ready. I’ll get out of here, so you can stop holding that magazine over your boobs.” Michelle stuck her tongue out teasingly, and ducked back out the door, leaving behind a stunned Eden, wearing a pair of blue jeans and a National Geographic, to try and figure out WHY it mattered so much that Michelle was dating someone.

And now here she was, staring at a tiny laptop screen, a picture of her old friend with a fiancée swimming in front of her eyes, and she finally figured out why it had hurt so much. But it was far too late to change anything.


Item the first:wearing a pair of blue jeans and a National Geographic

dear god that gave me the best image ever.

Item the third: this is brilliant. I look forward to more writing from you, my dear.

:) Haha, Eden topless is generally a good image, though I thought the magazine kind of got in the way. ;)
Your icon is awesome, btw! :D That's Laura Bell Bundy, right? ^.^ Squee, I want to see that musical!
Thanks very much for the compliments... definitely made my day. ^_^
oh nooo. thats el Cheno fantastico. or just Kristin Chenoweth for the less obsessed.

I saw Ohmigod You Guys performed at a competition, it just made me want to see Legally Blonde reallly badly.
O.O That's the Cheno! And I didn't recognize her... *wails* I'm not a real fangirl!!! I've been living a lie!
Haha, I know, that song is hilarious!!!!
Ooh... this icon is awesome too. And this time I recognize her, thank goodness!!... though, granted, the caption helps. ;)
Its ok, youll just have to hang out around the Chenzel communities a little more often :P
Heehee, same here... my image of the Fed was kind of shaped by fairchristabel's "Inception" in the Chenzel comm, in which she is definitely piratical - have you read it? :) It's awesome. Speaking of which, I'm fairly certain I've read and enjoyed a few stories of yours over there... I'm truly flattered to get a comment from such a talented writer!


Help please? :(

Do you know where I can find the rest of "Inception?"
I can only locate up to part 10, this saddens me...

Thanks mate!

Re: Help please? :(

O.O I'm sorry, I have no clue where it would be... :/ Actually, I'm not sure anymore than that was ever posted.
On another note... you're a XENA fan! SQUEEEEEEEE!!!!
Eden wearing blue jeans and a National Geographic. That image will stay with me forever. Now, if she were only wearing a National Geographic... even better.
oooh... icon love. :D Did you make that? It's so prettyful!
Haha, mmm... Eden wearing just a magazine. Thanks for commenting!
:] Yes I did make it. Thank you.
Such a great story. Loved it.

Hope to see more of Eden/Michelle goodness from you soon.
:D Thanks!!
Oh this was awesome. Loving the humour mixed in with the way Eden was feeling. This was really well written. And thanks for the image of Eden covering her boobs with a magazine. ;)
aww, yay... someone loved my humour! *joy* No one thinks I'm at all funny, ever! Thanks for making my day! :p *giggles* I'm always happy to provide images of Eden not entirely clothed. Thanks for commenting, any sort of feedback makes me jump up and down with joy. ;)
Hey, I forget this community existed. Thanks for reminding me.

Great story, lovely image of Eden. I love flirty Michelle. And I just want to give Eden a hug now.
:) Always glad to help spread the Wicked-stars love! ;) Thanks so much for the comment. I've seen your great stories in Chenzel_Love over the past few months, so getting a comment from you is like getting one from a celebrity. :)
Wow, I feel all special now.
I post in a bunch of places, keep your eyes out. But I also post everything on my own journal, in case people aren't on all the different coms.
:) Cool... would it be alright if I friended you, to keep an eye out for your stories?
Sure, that's why I put them up there.

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