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fanfiction, take two...

OK... so, I feel like an over-eager pipsqueak, for posting two things in a row, but, here's my 2nd attempt at some Feden fanfic. :)
Title: First Impressions
Rating: PG-13, even though it's pretty darn innocent, because it has a couple cusswords and I don't wanna get in trouble...
Summary: Eden and Michelle meet in a bar the night before they start Wicked
Disclaimer: I don't own these people. They live their own lives, and would probably be offended to know I was making up stories about them.

Eden Espinosa was not a heavy drinker. She’d been drunk twice in her life, and both times she had sworn, in between bouts of vomiting, that it would never happen again. So when she entered the little bar, not too far from Gershwin Theater, she ordered a diet coke, and quietly vowed to herself that no alcohol was going to pass through her lips that night. It would not do to show up for her first rehearsal with a hangover.

“Then again, maybe that’s the best way to get through it.” She muttered to herself. She was going to be working with Kristin Chenoweth and Idina Menzel – Broadway’s best. How did one do that? She’d had a director once who was constantly telling her to “Channel Chenoweth!” when she couldn’t hit the highest notes – and she’d tried! And now she was going to have to see her everyday, and if she tried to channel Chenoweth, she’d be stealing a voice from someone else AT the rehearsal!

“Hell… I definitely need a drink.” She muttered.

“I’ll take two rum and cokes, one for me and one for this little lady…” came a southern drawl from just behind her. The bartender gave her a look as if to say, ‘what the hell!?’, but went to get the drinks. Eden turned to stare at her benefactor.

“Hello! How was that? Very 'classic western film', no?” the accent had mysteriously vanished from the voice of the vibrant young woman who took a seat next to her at the bar.

“Um… yeah. Very… yeah.” She agreed warily, one eyebrow raised in question. The woman held out her hand in greeting.

“Michelle.” Eden took it cautiously, half-expecting a joy-buzzer.

“Eden. Very nice to meet you. If you don’t mind me asking… why are you buying me a drink?” Michelle laughed, and Eden thought that it was the most interesting laugh she’d ever heard – full and energetic, without any of the self-conscious hesitation that you usually heard in someone’s voice during first impressions.

“Oh, I just really desperately needed a drink, and I heard you muttering to yourself, and you sounded like you felt exactly like I do.” Two drinks landed in front of them, and Michelle cheerfully forked over a ten to the bartender.

“I do kind of feel as though I’m in a Western film.” Eden admitted with a laugh. “Though, I guess we should’ve ordered bourbon or something, right? A proper cowboy would never order anything that involved coke.”

“Hey!” Michelle looked offended, and Eden felt her heart fly into her mouth, wondering what she’d said wrong… and then she wondered why she cared. She’d just met this woman, and it was kind of creepy that a woman was buying her a drink. After all, she wasn’t gay. “I’ll have you know that I am a real cowboy, pretty lady, and I happen to enjoy a cold soda and some rum once in awhile.” The southern drawl was back, and Eden sighed in relief that her new friend wasn’t really upset.

“My apologies, kind sir.” She returned, trying out a southern accent of her own. Michelle winced.

“You’ve never actually heard a real southern accent, have you?” Eden blushed and shook her head no. “Well!” Michelle clapped her hands together once, delightedly. “I’ll just have to teach you how to do that properly, then. After all, I can’t have anyone sayin’ I bought a drink for a gal that wasn’t a proper southern belle.”

The subject lasted through several drinks, and Eden was laughing and concentrating too hard to be sure exactly how many times her cup was refilled – somehow, a southern accent seemed much easier once alcohol was slurring her voice just a bit.

“I… I should get back to my apartment.” Eden finally decided. “I have work tomorrow, I have to be awake, and not hung over.” Michelle laughed.

“Me too, me too… first day on a new job, actually. Whaddya do, anyways?”

“I act. And I sing.” Eden responded proudly. Michelle giggled tipsily.

“Me too! We can be singing and acting buddies!” Eden laughed delightedly.

“Look… I really need to go.” She admitted reluctantly. “I have to be at work tomorrow, not drunk. Oh!!” She snapped her fingers… or rather, tried, and failed, and dug through her purse, pulling out a black pen. “Gimme your hand!” In messy scrawl, she wrote 'Your singing buddy, Eden' and her cell phone number.

“There!” she declared triumphantly, examining her handiwork. She tried to let go of Michelle’s hand, only to find her own caught in the woman’s grasp. She looked up, startled, to find a pair of intense brown eyes staring into her own.

“It was very nice meeting you, Eden.” Michelle whispered. She gently drew their linked hands upward. Eden hazily wondered if she was a lot drunker than she thought, or if she was honestly swooning at the feel of soft lips brushing against her skin.

“I… it was really nice meeting you too.” She stammered, absently tracing the place where Michelle’s lips had touched with her thumb. “I… um... bye!” and she fled.

When her alarm went off the next morning, her head pounded unpleasantly, and Eden was reminded, hopefully for the last time, of why she avoided alcohol. “I can’t believe I let some random gay girl get me drunk.” She muttered angrily to herself, ignoring the fluttering in her stomach at the thought of Michelle’s lips on her hand. “At any rate, I’m never going to see her again. I guess it doesn’t really matter… as long as I make it through the goddamned day.”

Somehow, she forced herself out of bed. A cold shower and some strong coffee dispelled most of the effects of her previous night’s indulgence. She was more or less certain she could make it through her first rehearsal, until she pulled into the parking lot and saw a familiar figure making its way toward the door.

“Oh, god… you have GOT to be kidding me.”


LOL This was hilarious!

Great job, I love that you've left it there. It adds to the comedy of it all.

:) Thanks! Haha, I'm glad you liked the way it ended... it was going to be longer, but I got bored, so it ended there - once again, a short attention span saves me!! ;)
i think i like over eager pipsqueaks.

this could easily work as a two parter or it can stand by its self.

i really like the whole cowboy/western thing. so adorable/hilarious.
:) Thanks! I don't think it's going to become a two-parter... because I don't really know anything about how rehearsals would work, or who would be in charge, and at the moment I'm too lazy for research. ;)
And, I may have already said this to you, but everytime I see your icon I laugh... that's awesome.
lol its awesome cause its true.
Okay, you know what happens when you post 2 things in a row? We want a third. Go. Write.
In case you haven't noticed, I'm a little demanding.
you? never! j/k. i'm gonna try to type the next chap before baccalaureate tonight, ok. just for the heads up.
So I'm not shy and retiring, so sue me. I tried being shy once, it didn't work out. It was boring!

If you want me to proof for you, you need to send it to a different email address, I don't have the one you had before anymore. It's the same beginning only now @gmail.com instead of the wytchcraft.org. Have fun tonight.
i'm singing at the ceremony, so wish me luck. oh and my dad finally bought me a comp for my room, so now i can type all night if i want!
Oh, good luck. What are you singing?

I'm hopefully getting a new computer today too, one that actually works. But you ought not to sit up all night typing, I've done it, and you'll regret it in the morning.
Day by Day from Godspell.

All i have going on is graduation (which i don't have to be at til 5:30 pm) and a trip to NYC this weekend.
SO much better than what I have going on this weekend. What're you going to see? If you see Julia, kidnap her for me, would you?
Mary Poppins and Jersey Boys. Unfortunately it's a school thing or else I'd be sneaking away to Wicked and the Pirate Queen. I will however spend the weekend on celeb watch. I've got quite a few that if I see them, I must introduce myself.
I liked Mary Poppins in London, didn't see it in NYC. it's much darker than the movie. The statues that come to life are awesome. I'd skip out on Jersey Boys to see Julia in Wicked though, they'll never notice.
Trust me, the fun Nazis I'm going with won't even let us go shopping outside the Southstreet Seaport. What fun! I really wanted to go to One Shubert Alley and pick up some decent broadway merch, but whatever.
Hey, at least you're getting taken. I never got a school trip to Manhattan! They tried to send me to Quebec, but I had a play that week. I didn't get to New York until I drove down with a friend when I was 18 or 19, we saw Rent (because we hadn't already seen it a bunch of times in Toronto that year.) But it was Broadway!
my first b-way was lion king when i was 13, followed the same day by mamma mia.

the ceremony is over. i have to finish packing and then i can type.
13's way better. If I'd started on NY when I was 13, I'd be even broker by now, because i'd have spent all of high school trying to find ways to get back. It was expensive enough when I did it all through college, and now I'm worse. I need to find a way to live down there for a while. Stupid Visa necessities. Being Canadian sucks.
i luckily live close to one of the biggest b-way tour cities. how else do ya think i got to touch Molly Ringwald's ass? or ya know see a bunch of shows. whatever's more important.
Technically I think Toronto is one of the biggest tour cities, we get a bunch of shows come through, but they aren't necessarily ones I want to see, except for Wicked last autumn. And they're rarely the casts I want to see. But there are about 6 things coming through next year, Drowsy Chaperone and Sweeney Todd and Jersey Boys. But I've been to so many shows lately that i've seen all the ones I want to, I think. If I'm still here I may suck it up and go to Avenue Q. But when I lived in London I was always in the West End seeing everything, multiple times if I liked it. I miss student discounts.
we get pretty good ones. this year we have most of the ones you mentioned, but cheno and bebe neuwirth are both doing concerts here.
Wish they'd do ones here. No one ever wants to cross the border! Stupid customs. Bernadette did one in Ottawa last year, that was fabulous, but it was still 5 hours on a bus. No one ever does Toronto!
yay! pittsburgh!
It's probably even the same distance from NY, just you dont' have a border in your way! So much for Free Trade.
i get to spend seven hours on a bus snuggling with greg (who happens to be canadian), so all is goooooood!
yes, I suspect that would improve bus travel immesurably. I usually end up doing buses by myself. No fun.
he doesn't like snuggling, but we're leaving at midnight, so i'll just attack after he falls asleep!
Haha, demanding is a good thing! It gets things done. :) Though, I might return the demand... If I'm writing another fic, you've got to write one too. ;) I'm betting your Feden stories would be just as good as your amazing Chenzel stories...
I did a feden, sort of, I just posted it on thewitches3 instead of here. It was a 4 part entitled Exposure. Go look it up.

I have 2 one-shots waiting for posting, and I'm in the middle of a not-feden that I'm not sure how long it'll end up being, and I haven't finished posting Opportunity yet, but I'll try to get around to another Feden at some point. If I win the lotto tonight and can go see Eden in LA, it'll probably come faster, so think good thoughts.
Oh, I simply adore this! ^_^ Please continue it? Please? I mean, you even got me to come out of lurkerdom with it, so you kinda have to continue it, right? *hopeful look*
Wow, I got you out of lurkdom? :) Sweet!! *checks that off of 'list of goals in life'* I wasn't planning on continuing this, and I probably won't anytime soon, but maybe at some point I will. :) At any rate, it's really really flattering that you want me to. So, thanks!
YOU!!! *points* what are you doing here?!!?!? (I know this is the most delayed comment ever, but I'm reading old fics on communities)

I did not expect to see you here!! you might not remember me, I was a crazy big fan of your Pantheon fics, as well as a bunch of other stuff you wrote. But huh! did not expect to see a familiar icon around here!!
Yep, it's me. ^_^ Well, you didn't think DEBS was the only fandom I read, did you? ;) And of course I remember you. Which is why I know you - and others, probably - are wondering what happened to me, and why I haven't updated in... depressingly long. Well, between both the muse and myself not liking winter, and some computer problems... Well, it just didn't happen. But rest assured, I haven't forgotten about my fic! ^_^

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